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What is this app?

A solution to your bluetooth connection problems. It automatically tries to connect to your Bluetooth devices when Bluetooth has been turned on or when your device screen goes on. First, connect and pair with your Bluetooth device manually (this is a requirement) and then just turn off and on Bluetooth (or leave Bluetooth on and turn the screen on) and it will auto connect.


  • Auto connect to all devices
  • Specify many global profiles
  • Prioritize your devices and select profiles for each
  • Control Bluetooth state for docked, charged and incoming/ outgoing call events
  • Turn Bluetooth off after inactivity
  • Disable some devices
  • Shortcut support
  • Retry After


  • Bluetooth on
  • Screen on
  • Power and dock connected
  • Device connected and device disconnected


  • Media audio (A2DP)
  • Call audio (HSP)
  • Health (HDP)
  • Input Device (HID)
  • Networking (PAN)
  • Phone Book (PBAP)


  • Tasker integration (run a task from Tasker)
  • Audio notification (play a notification sound)
  • Run app


  • Advanced settings
  • Priority retry
  • Tasker and Locale plugin
  • Runs as a service which releases itself automatically when not needed
  • Suitable for Samsung S3 and others
  • No configuration required with auto mode


Lora Anderson

“Best app, best developer! - Best app! Made a suggestion to the developer, it was done the very next day! AWESOME is an understatement!”

James Young

“Very good - Works extremely well, thanks for such a great app, use it everyday with my cars blue tooth...very convenient.”

Jeremy Gider

“Good job - Very good and easy to use application does what its supposed to. Thanks!!!”

Omar Sank

"Wow! Such a cool and convenient app with a very simple and intuitive interface"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The general concept in Bluetooth is the following. When your phone has Bluetooth on and you start your car (or other BT device) it is supposed send a broadcast about its presence. Your phone should intercept this presence and act accordingly. This requires two conditions to be met. The BT device must broadcast this presence and the phone must interecept it and handle it properly. Unfortunately the world is not perfect and some devices do not signal its presence and some Android ROMs (Samsung mainly) ignore the broadcast.

    This is why we created this app to handle this gap. Android does not let you intercept or catch this event so there is not way to make this automatic. Hence we need a trigger to intitate the BT connection. This trigger can be the BT On event or Sreen On or any other. However, the app cannot just connect instantly when your car is started as it has no knowledge about it.

  • Unfortunately, this is not possible. Android SDK does not provide any mechanism to add more. This is pretty much. Maybe if Google decides to support more in the future.

  • Unfortunately, this app will not solve the issue. There is a requirement you need to be able to connect or pair manually (from the Android Bluetooth Settings screen). This app automates the process but does not fix issues and bugs in the ROM itself. Sometimes it helps to change your ROM but that requires some geeky knowledge (you need to be rooted and have the knowledge to change ROMs).

  • This is a new problem presented by Google in new Android 4.3 ROM. It needs to be said that no non-system app should ever be able to reboot or affect the OS in any way. This is not true with this ROM. Additionally, we have researched this issue and people have the very same issue with other apps (Skype etc.). Currently there is no workaround to this problem and Google should fix it. The crash comes from the Bluetooth stack which causes the system to reboot. We do not know the device so we cannot make any further tests or analysis. It is probable that creating shortcuts instead of the Screen On event could fix the issue.

  • Each Bluetooth profile on your device has a priority. This information specifies whether the profile is disabled for any connection, is enabled or is configured to auto connect. Some ROMs run this option and some not. When we added this BT API call some devices started to behave erratically. There is always an exception in the debug logs and sometimes the BT API call never returns from the call (gets dead locked in the BT stack). This can cause a wake lock issue which results in a battery drain. Also the auto connect feature stops working. You can disable the option in Advanced Settings and setPriority will not be used.

    However, if you previously set the profile priority to disabled the auto connect will never work. For this to work you have to do the following. Enable the Bluetooth and go to Android BT settings. Select your device and go to profiles. Make sure that you enable all profiles. By enabling the profiles you set the priority to enabled. If you want to manually disconnect the device never use the profile checkbox again. Tap the device instead and it will disconnect. By unchecking the profile you disable the priority again. So if you do this once it will always auto connect then.

  • This is a really vague definition of a problem. You need to provide us with more details. What does not work? What happens with the app? Do you understand the purpose of the app?

    Make sure the devices are paired and listed under Android Bluetooth Settings. Then make sure they can connect and work properly with manual connection from Android Bluetooth Settings. If yes then the app can automate the connection. In such case send us the debug logs and we will check what is going on.

  • Please, enable debug logs under Settings - Advanced which will log all app's events to the root of your SDCard (org.myklos.btautoconnect.log file). This file will be then attached in the Settings - Send Feedback report.

  • This a known problem and it has nothing to do with the app. Usually the car radio is in a temporary pairing mode and when you disconnect it requires for the phone to pair again and prompts for the PIN. On the car radio you need to register the phone as a permanent and authorized connection. Please, consult the manual. Another option (not very nice though) is to use Tasker to input the PIN (you need to Google this app).

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